Refund and Returns Policy

It is our goal to make every effort to ensure that you are pleased with the products you purchase on! Since all of our products are
digital and cannot be returned, we want to do our best to help you get your purchase up and running

If you’re experiencing a technical issue with your purchase

If you’re experiencing a technical issue with a product, you’re encouraged to contact the design team, as they will be the expert regarding issues or
questions relating to the product they’ve created. Our design team take great pride in providing products that are high quality and easy to use, and
they want you to be satisfied with your purchase, so they’re always happy to help!
Note: On the rare occasion you do not hear back from us after 48 business hours, please email us at and we’ll get back
at you.

Refund Policy

Because the products we offer are digital and cannot be returned, your purchase is only eligible for a refund in the following situations:

• You made payment two times for the same product, accidentally. We’ll gladly refund you for the duplicate purchase(s). Just drop us a note here!
• There is a technical problem with the product that the design team cannot resolve after becoming aware of the issue. First, you should contact
the design team with specific information about the technical issue. If you and the design team encounter a consistently reproducible error with
the product files that cannot be resolved by the design team, please contact support. Note: Products with alleged technical issues will only be
eligible for a refund when sufficient information is provided regarding how the error was created.
• The product was misrepresented in the description. We consider an item to be “misrepresented” when the delivered item does not match the
described function in the product description, or when an item stated to be included is not delivered. Misrepresentation does not include subjective
opinions on the quality or appearance of an item.
• For example: An item would be misrepresented if the if product description promised clean lines, but the delivered product shows pixelation at
100%. A product would NOT be misrepresented if a if buyer believes that the item “doesn’t look good” or “isn’t high quality compared to other items

We’re unable to process refunds in the following situations:
• You no longer need the purchased product.
• You found another product you like better, or you’ve changed your mind about your purchase.
You don’t have sufficient expertise to use the product.
• You don’t have the correct software (described in the listing) to open and edit the product. Software requirements may be listed one of several
ways, including “Compatible with” information below the product screenshot, file type, product description.
• You bought an item on accident, and our system shows that the product was downloaded.
• You feel that the item is of low quality.
• You got charged for a Free Good that expired or is past its promotional date. Please note that our active free goods display a button that says
“Free Access” during their promotional week. If you see the same button instead labeled “Buy Now” or “Finish Purchase, you will be charged, since
the item is not an active free good.
• You claim the item is experiencing a technical issue, but are unable or unwilling to provide sufficient evidence for the technical issue.
Your product purchase was made over 30 days ago.
• Can I get refund after automatically charge my subscription? We don’t charge recurring payments manually. Our system reminds 7 days 7 before
end of the subscription period. So subscriber has enough time to cancel the subscription before the payment date. If the subscriber doesn’t cancel
the subscription during the current payment period, than our system automatically charges.

All refunds are at the sole discretion of vsparklabs.